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Top 10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Pilates Session


Top 10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Pilates Session

1.  Be present and concentrate on following the instructions exactly. Try to use this as an escape from whatever may be on your mind.

2. Breathe deeply and focus on the breath as per the instructor’s cues.

3. Energize and Control every motion. Pilates is never about range or speed.

4. Think about the Quality and finesse each movement rather than “power” through. Give each exercise 100% of the best you can do.

5. Appreciate when an instructor gives a minor adjustment that may seem like “nit picking” to you. These subtle changes can make a significant difference in your workout.

6. Visualize the changes you want to occur in your body and bring that desire to your session.

7. Complete each movement with precision and a feeling of length.

8. Focus more on detail instead of the muscle…the muscle will work better because you have focused on the detail.

9. Do everything with 100% of your attention and concentration. Extraneous conversation can thwart your progress.

10. Incorporate what you learn here into your daily routine, whether it’s walking down the street, typing at your computer or working out in the gym.