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Personal Training

The Benefits of Personal Training

Get fit faster

A trainer can help you with a more focused and efficient workout.

Stick with the program

Appointments will make it less likely that you skip workouts.

Focus on your goals

A program will be designed just for you based on your health and fitness level.

Fine tune your form

A trainer will assure that you are using correct biomechanics and posture.

What to Expect from a Personal Training Session

You will feel better after your very first session, and start to notice changes within the first 6 weeks. After 12 weeks of consistent training, proper nutrition, adequate rest and stress reduction; your energy level will be improved and you will see changes in weight and body composition.

Your trainer will help you make the best use of your time by creating an integrated and efficient workout. Having preset appointments will help you stick with the program and achieve faster results. The training program will be designed to address your specific fitness needs and goals with a focus on performing the exercises with proper form and technique. Using different types of equipment and varying the exercises will make your workouts fun, challenging and interesting.

*For best results we recommend training 3 to 5 days per week.

What kind of equipment will we be using?

In addition to traditional gym equipment such as ellipticals, bike, treadmills and weight machines; we will be using hand weights, wrist and ankle weights, elastic resistance, swiss-ball, medicine ball, GTS-Gravity Training System, weighted bars and balance boards.

How can I make my first appointment?

There are many ways to schedule your first appointment you may visit personally during business hours and sign up at the desk, email or call. You can also go online and pay for your trial session or package and book your session online.

What does my trainer need to know about me?

First your trainer will need to know what days and times you can train as well as how often you will be able to train. When you arrive your trainer will ask about your health and fitness history, fitness goals, perform a fitness assessment and take you through a short program. Be ready to workout with comfortable clothing and sneakers.

Can I take private Yoga or Pilates sessions?

Yes, we offer private training for Yoga, Pilates and Pilates Reformer/Tower, Post-Rehab, Core Strength and back care and pre-season conditioning for Golf and Ski.

How often should I train?

In order to achieve faster results suggested training frequency is 3x per week. Changes in body composition can occur after 6-12 weeks of training along with proper nutrition, adequate rest, and stress reduction.