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6AM–9PM Mon–Thurs, Sat/Sun 9AM–2PM

One Month of Unlimited Classes and Gym for 99.00

One Month of Unlimited Classes and Gym

Why not try all the classes and plan out your fitness schedule based on the ones that you enjoy the most?

We have a wide variety of classes to match your schedule and fitness goals.  No matter which class you choose you will get a great workout. 30, 45, 60 and 75 minute long classes fit both busy schedules and days when you have more time to work out.  The schedule is designed for you to be able to take multiple classes back to back for a complete program which would include a toning class for strength, a cardio class and a Pilates or Yoga class for core strength, flexibility and meditative aspect.

*Workshops are separate programs and are not included.

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